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Die Augen sind der Spiegel zur Seele, aber die Ohren sind das Tor dorthin.

Short profile: Executive & Line Producing

Course context

With the EXECUTIVE & LINE PRODUCING specialisation, you gain far-reaching insights into the production work of line producers, business executives and executive producers working in Germany and internationally, who function as points of intersection between the creative, business, organisational and legal aspects of a film production.

The focus of the teaching content in this specialisation – through which lateral entry into the Production project-based studies course takes place – lies on the financial, business and organisational management of a film and media production.


Overview of the curriculum

The curriculum is implemented with leading figures from the national and international production landscape as lecturers. The production and evaluation processes in film-making are becoming increasingly international. In view of this, you will focus mainly on example cases with international high-end formats that point towards new approaches in content, financing and evaluation. Selected excursions also provide insights into current production processes.

As a student in the EXECUTIVE & LINE PRODUCING specialisation, you take part in a mentoring programme with prominent figures from the media industry who provide you with advice and support for the duration of your studies.


Specific features

You won’t find a comparable specialist course in the audio-visual field at any other film school or university in Germany. Our specialisation area provides a thorough and well-grounded training in the fields of physical production, budget & financing, and legal & business affairs. As a student, you are integrated into the regular Production class and take part in the general ongoing Production classes. You also have the opportunity to realise films as a producer in collaboration with other departments. Through our network and a close exchange with your mentor, who changes each year, you establish important contacts in the industry.

Course contents (excerpt)

Physical Production

Budget & Financing

Legal & Business Affairs

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