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Study context

On our Advertising Film course, you are predominantly being trained for the German advertising film market. However, the international orientation of the course contents also makes it possible to work further afield. Many German advertising film production companies have several branches – for example in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, the USA and other countries around the world. As a result, the working language in major German production companies, agencies and post-production companies is English, and the majority of our graduates work for the international market, to a greater or lesser degree. As an ambitious young director, your prospects for finding work after graduating are excellent.


Overview of the curriculum

The academic curriculum and film projects on the Advertising Film course are led and supervised exclusively by real-world experts. The lecturers are company directors and decision-makers from all areas, from the development to the completion of advertising films and other formats. Clients and brands are also represented.

This study course offers you the unique opportunity to realise up to five spec films/spec spots. That means you can choose what kind of film you’d like to realise for which brand, and with what kind of content and messages. There are no specifications from the client side.

It’s great to see ideas being developed in a team, with Directing and Production students working together, and of course, with these ideas being subsequently implemented. That also motivates producers if they are creatively involved in the projects. Films may contain daring and provocative statements, and as long as the budget is kept to and feasibility is taken into account, students are free to use all means and methods (stunts, animals, children, (car) rigging, drone recording, VFX, puppet animation, stop motion, etc.) to realise them.


Specific features

The Filmakademie continues to be the only film school in the world to offer a separate study course focusing on Advertising Film Directing and Production. With this course, you’ll have your finger on the pulse. Changes in advertising forms and formats, as well as their publications in the various media and platforms, are addressed directly. You also get the opportunity to develop a unique role in the industry with significant support from professional circles, and to establish contacts with leading figures in the industry.

Course contents (excerpt)

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