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From autumn 2023, the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (FABW) is offering English-language project-based studies in various subject focus areas, and thereby opening its doors to international students.  

On this website, prospective students can find the key facts about the subject focus areas, the qualifications required for admission, and the application process.

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Interesting facts about FABW

Education of the highest standard

FABW is one of Europe’s leading film schools. 412 top experts in the film and media industry from Germany and further afield provide a strong practical focus. Since the Academy was established in 1991, the institution’s development has been guided by a pioneering project-oriented teaching concept. Each year, the interdisciplinary project teams produce 254 films in all genres, and these regularly win prizes at film festivals, among them 7 Student Academy Awards (Student Oscars). Studying at FABW prepares students in the best possible way for successful careers in the film and media industry, and provides you with a great basis for developing a unique industry network.

















Technology: state of the art

At FABW, extensive access to cutting-edge production equipment – from recording technology, studios and post-production to presentation and cinema equipment – is guaranteed. The technical infrastructure is the state of the art in terms of industry standards, and also incorporates future technological developments through a close collaboration with the Research & Development department. Our students enter the job market armed with experience of working with the technology of tomorrow.

Campus: home base of opportunities

The campus is the only one of its kind in Europe and is home to the Filmakademie and its Animationsinstitut, as well as the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris (ALP) and the Academy of Performing Arts (ADK) all next door to each other. Countless opportunities for interdisciplinary and trans-media networking, and for gaining skills and qualifications open up for students here. The numerous interdisciplinary works are just as important a part of the student experience at the Filmakademie as the large programme offering with international partner universities and in-house events. For example, FABW is responsible for organising FMX, one of the world’s most influential conferences on digital entertainment.









Perfect Match?

What awaits you

Learning by doing
Here, you learn to make films through a balanced mixture of theory and practice.

Interdisciplinary education
You develop your film projects as part of an interdisciplinary team that includes representatives of all film-making crafts.

Access to an industry network
You establish valuable contacts and build a network in the film and media industry.

High artistic standards
Thanks to generous financial support, students achieve high artistic quality in their final examination films.

Developing your personal style
FABW offers a protected space for developing your creative identity.

What you need

Personal characteristics 
Open-mindedness, cosmopolitan personality, ready to work with people with different world views and cultural backgrounds.

Degree in a related discipline, practical prior knowledge in the field for which you’re applying.

Searching for the professional specialisation that would be perfect for you, full of drive, pioneering spirit and passion for the best idea.

Ambitious and confident personality, team player when realising projects, ready for the multi-faceted challenges of the next 2.5 years.

Range of Courses

FABW Advertising Film Producing
Advertising Film Producing
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Animation /­ Animation/Effects Producing
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Animation / Technical Directing
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Animation / Visual Effects
Read More
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FABW Directing Advertising Film
Directing Advertising Film
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FABW Directing Documentary Film
Directing Documentary Film
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FABW Directing Fiction Film
Directing Fiction Film
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FABW Montage Editing
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FABW TV Journalism
Film Journalism
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FABW Film Music
Film Music
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FABW Film Sound / Sound Design
Film Sound / Sound Design
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Interactive Media
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FABW Motion Design
Motion Design
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FABW Executive Line Producing
Production / Executive & Line Producing
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FABW International Producing
Production / International Producing
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Hard facts about
project-based studies

Application deadline15.02.2024 (date of submission via the online portal)
Teaching languageEnglish
Start of studiesWinter semester (September 2024)
Standard period of study4 semesters + 1 diploma semester

Please note that this is a full-time course and that it is usually not possible to work part-time alongside your studies due to the demands on your time.
Final degreeWhen you successfully complete the course, you are awarded a Diplom degree from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

"The academies are tertiary education institutions. The successful completion of four years of studies at the Filmakademie (...) is equivalent to a comparable, qualifying certificate of a state-run art college."
Study fees for international studentsEU citizens: no study fees
Non-EU citizens: €1,500 per semester
Please note that the state of Baden-Württemberg has been charging fees for second degree courses since winter semester 2017/2018 in cases where the first degree was completed in Germany.
Admission requirements 1
Evidence of general/subject-linked university entrance qualification and of a pre-diploma, diploma, Bachelor or Master degree (officially certified) in a related discipline – please take into account special prerequisites and specialist fields in every subject focus area.

Evidence of practical industry experience through:
- reference letters
- certificates
- work contracts

A work sample that represents you and your creative approach, in accordance with the requirements of the respective subject focus area – please take into account special tasks in every subject focus area.

Additional requirements for foreign applicants (m/f/d)
Application for the lateral entry into the project studies programmes & postgraduate programmes

Proof of sufficient German language skills (basic knowledge II) DSH, German Language Test for University Entrance or Goethe Institute Level B2 or TestDaf Level 4.
Please note that some lessons in the project study programme are held in English. A sound knowledge of English is required.

Foreign applicants (m/f/d) who hold a foreign high school certificate and/or a foreign university degree must submit this certificates to the following institution before submitting their application to the Filmakademie to determine its equivalence with the German general higher education entrance qualification:

Academy of Art and Design (ABK Stuttgart),
Office of Student Affairs,
Am Weißenhof 1,
70191 Stuttgart.

The residence permit must be presented upon enrolment at the latest.



Personal needs and expenditures are individual.

Download an overview of the minimum spendings you should calculate for living and studying in our region:

Application process & procedure

Online application portal
Online registration is open for applications for the academic year 2024/25.

Please register in our online application portal first.

Apply now
Application documents & work samples
Once you have successfully registered, select your desired field of study in the portal. You can then enter and upload your application details and documents step by step.

You can pause your application in the online application portal at any time and resume it at a later date.

Once you have entered all the information and documents/files in the portal, you can submit your application digitally.
Pre-selection & invitation to the entrance exam
Once your application has been received, it will undergo a formal review. This is followed by pre-selection by a selected examination committee of senior lecturers.

Here, the submitted documents and work samples are scrutinised and evaluated. If the pre-selection is successful, applicants will receive an invitation to the on-site entrance examination.
Entrance examination
During the on-site entrance exam at the Filmakademie, individual interviews are held with the senior lecturers of the respective department, the 72-hour exam assignment is handed out and the final interview takes place during the colloquium.
Presentation & feedback
The realisation of your 72-hour examination task is then reviewed during the colloquium. This is followed by an approx. 15-minute discussion with the admissions committee, in which you can describe the approach to your completed examination task in more detail.

You have now passed the entrance examination.
Applicants usually receive notification via the application portal within 8-10 days of completing the entrance exam as to whether they have been admitted to the Filmakademie.

Apply Now

Register online here


Here you can download a step-by-step instruction

Any questions?

For questions regarding the application process and admission requirements, please contact our Admissions Office:

Get In touch

Any questions about studying at FABW?

Our Admissions Office will be delighted to hear from you:

Specific questions about the subject focus areas?

You’ll find contact details on the study course’s respective specialisation page.

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