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Die Augen sind der Spiegel zur Seele, aber die Ohren sind das Tor dorthin.

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Film Journalism

Course context

Those working in film journalism are required more than ever to have mastered the entire spectrum of film-making possibilities. Over the years, as the number of informational programmes on German television has grown, expectations of quality and format diversity have risen significantly. Conventional film language, image design and music use are combined with modern methods such as computer technologies and dramaturgically designed fictional elements, resulting in films that also meet the expectations of a large audience.

Overview of the curriculum

On the Film Journalism curriculum, the theoretical material is closely interlinked with the practical implementation. The postgraduate course takes 2.5 years to complete and provides students with a comprehensive training, from thematically focused and investigative research to interviewing, presenting and copy-writing skills. The course also covers the basic principles of producing TV segments – including aspects such as image design, sound technology, editing, research and dramaturgy. In parallel to the teaching, you will also realise four films during your studies – from a 20-minute magazine programme to the long final examination film at the end of your studies.

Specific features

The Film Journalism study course provides training that is on the cutting edge. You will carry out comparative analyses of various journalistic formats and develop expertise in innovative areas such as transmedia. Experienced speakers, producers, authors, directors and editors pass on their skills and knowledge in seminars, and these are supplemented with excursions and contact with programme supervisors. Thanks to our network, you have a great chance of getting a broadcaster on board for the co-production of your final diploma film.

Course contents (excerpt)

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